What are the UK laser regulations?

In some circumstances, the use of a class 3b medical laser device is regulated.

Within the NHS there will be a Laser Protection Advisor for each Authority/Trust. You should contact this person and let them know you are using such a device. Outside NHS hospitals there may be a requirement to register the treatment premises with your local nursing homes registration office. They may want to inspect your premises, issue you with safety guidelines and send you a bill !

The following are exempt :   premises that are wholly or mainly a domestic dwelling (ie your or a patients home) , sports arenas, sports fields & industrial premises.

The CSP gave on many occasions vigorously fought this matter and have even defended a member whom they considered was unnecessarily pursued for registration.

Thor has a technical work around this which has been surprisingly successful. The government guidelines specify lasers Thors customers have been able to use the non laser probes offered by thor. This includes all of the cluster probes and a 30mW 830nm LED probe.