How do I use one?

Myofascial trigger points - tendinitis - strains - sprains


Example shown here is for a THOR Laser Therapy system with 200mW laser probe and cluster probe.

Having thoroughly palpated and assessed the area, set the timer to 20 seconds .

Set the Pulse frequency to one of the four following settings:

2.5 Hz - for acute injuries;

5 KHz - for chronic injuries and non-healing or infected wounds.

Treat the top of the neck/occiput atlas for 20 seconds

Then treat the nerve exits at C7 / T1 for 20 seconds

Then treat the nerve root exit related to injury for 20 seconds, and continue to treat several points along the course of the nerve towards the injury at 20 second intervals.

Treat each tender point for 20 seconds with the THOR 200mW laser probe. Palpate for any changes (eg: reduction in pain, change in tissue texture, relaxation of muscle, etc). If there is no response, then treat the tender points again. Palpate for any changes and repeat once more if necessary.

Finally treat the surrounding soft tissue with the cluster probe for 2 mins per area

Times are approximate and can be varied according to the dept of the injury / build of the patient.

Be accurate during treatment, gapping and positioning joints appropriately to gain maximum exposure of the joint, treating 'around' tendons where possible and be as thorough as time permits. Use Laser Therapy as soon as possible after injury, treating daily for acute conditions and less frequently as resolution occurs. Treat chronic inflammatory conditions twice weekly and osteo-arthritis weekly or fortnightly. Treat as many points as necessary during one session; do not move the probe during each application. Treat with single, then cluster probe during one session.

There are normally no adverse effects from Laser Therapy, however, patients occasionally experience mild discomfort / ache after treatment. This is due to a restimulation of the inflammatory phase and should settle down after 24 - 48 hours.