Nice Things Vets Say about THOR Lasers

...I use THOR lasers because of there handy size and safe use around horses. Due to the compact portable units, horses can be treated in their usual environment. This helps keep the horse quiet and allows us to work safely and efficiently, which means I get the best possible results


Gabriela Briner E.S.M.T .



It is a pleasure to recommend the THOR laser. I have been a client since 1995. I purchased a THOR laser and it has been under extensive use. I find it superior to any other laser available for type of therapy I employ. I certainly appreciate the support that has been provided after sale, this is oftentimes forgotten with others...Thanks.

H.L. Mitchell, D.V.M.


Darrel R Kramer, DVM  
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I have intended to write for some time to let you know that I am very pleased with my Thor DD Laser. So far it is the best investment that I have made for my practice.   My practice is over 95% equine with some small animal. Aproxiamately 80% of my paractice is alternative therapy - ie, chiropractic and acupuncture. By far the majority of my work is with musculoskeletal problems. I use the Thor laser daily and have seen excellent responses to a number of situations such as suspensory desmitis, tendonitis, various joint and soft tissue injuries, wounds and treating acupuncture points.   The small animal part of my practice is limited to alternative therapy. I use far fewer needles now and in many cases use no needles at all, instead using only the Thor Laser. I have had very positive responses to IV disc injuries, hip dysplasia, arthritis and various neurological problems. Both equine and small animal patients seem to enjoy the treatments and virtually all patients become very relaxed when treated.   I would like to thank you for everything. This machine is certainly a valuable asset for my practice.


Darrel R. Kramer, DVM


To whom it may concern,

  The Thor laser has been of great benefit in the treatment of pain. We primarily treat horses, dogs and cats with acupuncture. Several times there have been acupuncture points that these animals would not allow us to treat with needles. It is at these times that we have used the Thor laser. Before now other lasers have not provided the power that the Thor laser does and I have felt that they were not able to provide enough stimulation to treat the acupuncture points. The Thor laser does provide enough power and has been very effective in treating acupuncture points.   Locally, it has been very beneficial in treating myofascial pain that was resistant to acupunture. Overall, this instrument has allowed me to take the care for my patients to a higher level. I would not want to practice without it.

Kevin May, DVM


I am an equine veterinary practitioner who utilizes acupuncture extensively in my practice. We also do rehabilitation cases utilizing a number adjunctive therapies in a wholistic approach.

  I have utilized lasers and infrared emitting diodes for acupuncture work and for tissue repair work since 1990. I have met with significant successes with their use but have alays been frustrated with time required to transmit an adequate dose (watts/cm squared) into the tissues.   The Thor laser distributed by Mr. Peter Atkins of Equitronics has solved that Frustration. Most lasers in this country emit from about five milliwatts to 15 milliwatts. The Thor has a 100 milliwatt and a 150 milliwatt laser in its product line. With 150 milliwatts one can transmit 1 Joule (1 watt per centimeter squared) in just under 7 seconds. This same output would take 150 seconds with a 5 milliwatt device (1/30th as strong). The requirements for acupuncture varies from one to four joules of energy. The time implications for lower output devices is obvious.   The results of treatment with the Thor laser have been very rewarding and I can with good consciousness recommend the product.   An added plus has been Peter Atkins knowledge regarding this laser product. He has bee readily available to discuss problems and provide technical support important to the new user.  

Kerry J. Ridgway, DVM